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The Mental Health and Substance Use Awareness Committee recommends routine wellness checks. Free valid and reliable screening questionnaires are a good first-step to help an individual recognize the signs of substance abuse and mental disorders. They are a great way to discover if you might be suffering from what is a very treatable illness.

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Depression ( teens and adults ) Depression ( older adults )
Alcohol use Anxiety

This screening is for educational and informational purposes only. All information on this site is confidential. This is not a substitute for a diagnosis for mental illness. A diagnosis for mental illness can only be made by a clinical evaluation from a healthcare professional.

  • The screening questionnaire on the Guide to Feeling Better website is solely for the purpose of identifying symptoms.
  • Guide to Feeling Better is not responsible for clinical diagnosis or treatment procedures of any individuals listed on the Guide to Feeling Better resource page.
  • These nationally accepted and reliable research-based questionnaires will help you determine if further follow-up with your doctor is necessary. They are not meant to take the place of a professional evaluation.

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